Our exceptional vendor booths feature local artisans, crafters and creators. We love supporting our local talent. Come visit us today to explore, support and love all things Locals.

Term – Booths are leased in six month increments.

Cost – Booth rental starts at $75-$100 per month for a 2’x4’x6′, (two feet deep X four feet wide X six feet high). Larger booths are available with each size increase adding $25-$50. In addition to the booth fee, there is a commission of 10% to 12% and a fully refundable security deposit that is equal to one booth fee.

Checks – Vendors are paid for their sales every month around the 5th and the booth fee and commission are automatically deducted.

Displays – Your products can be displayed using your own fixtures or you can purchase slat wall hooks and shelf brackets from us. Hooks are about $.50 cents each and brackets are about $2.00. We do not provide shelving but shelves can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowe’s starting at about $5.00.

Inventory – We offer online sales tracking so you don’t need to call us or come in to see how much you’ve sold. You can restock as often as you’d like anytime during normal business hours.

Thank you!

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